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Using Cingular/ At&t Sierra 860/875/875U Internationally

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  • Using Cingular/ At&t Sierra 860/875/875U Internationally

    Have run into this issue often enought to post this. This is straight out of Atnt/cingular support pages:

    AT&T (Cingular) branded AirCards 860/875/875U may not connect to wireless networks outside of North America. Sierra Wireless has developed a Network Scan tool to optimize your AirCard for these situations.
    This issue impacts only a limited number of countries, so please make sure to only use the tool if data service is not automatically established after 10 minutes of use in a foreign country.
    One must run the tool upon re-entry into the United States, in order to return the AirCard to its default North American settings.
    Please perform the following steps to install this tool and optimize your AirCard:
    1. Click here to download the International Network Scan Tool, select Save.
    2. In the Save As dialog box, in the Save in field, select Desktop. Leave the File name as is and click Save.
    3. Double click blue icon AllBandScan_v1.0.0.4.exe to run the application.
    4. Click on Manual Network Scan button and wait for the scan result. You'll see "Network scan complete" message.
    5. In the dropdown list select a desired band/network and click on ?Set Band? button to save the changes.
    6. Wait for the message "You may insert another modem or hit Exit to quit". Click on Exit button when you finish using the tool.
    Today, this issue appears in just a few countries: Australia, Brazil, Thailand, Venezuela, and the Jersey Islands. Once the tool is used in one country, the tool will likely need be used in order to establish the first connection in subsequent countries, including the United States.