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Fun 4g question for an expert. RV turned into an antenna.

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  • Fun 4g question for an expert. RV turned into an antenna.

    I just bought an epic 4g phone and I'm living in an Airstream trailer. It's a 31' long aluminum, wingless, plane. I have great reception outside but when I walk into the rv it's horrible. Seeing how I know nothing about this stuff, I thought maybe I could turn the shell of the trailer into the antenna. The radio antenna is currenty connected to the shell and it seems to help. Anyone?
    The curves of the shell makes me think multi-directional.

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    This is a classical RF shielding scenario. The trailer resembles a Faraday cage that keeps most of the RF radiating electric fields out. You probably cannot reliable form an antenna with the RV body since you cannot arbitrarily excite the body to oscillate at the 2.5-2.7GHz Clear WiMax frequency and even if it could the "antenna" gain would be terrible.

    Best bet would be to mount an antenna outdoor and connect it using low loss cable to a universal coupler velcro'd to the phone. Not a fancy workaround but probably your best bet. So something like this: