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    To avoid using up your text messaging credits (if you have any) or $$ (usually $.10 per SMS within the U.S) you can send SMS directly through email. Heres how:

    If you know the cellular carrier of the recipient you can email the SMS to:
    US Cellular: [email protected]
    Centenial Wireless: [email protected]
    Virgin Mobile: [email protected]
    Where "phonenumber" is the 10-digit U.S phone number.

    If you don’t know what carrier the recipient has (or you prefer not to retain such information in your memory) you may use:

    [email protected]

    This is a free service provided by that automatically re-reoutes the SMS to the appropriate carrier gateway and only works in North America (cannot do this for international numbers) due to international gateway restrictions (basically due to different SMS billing model since the rest of the world is typically pre-paid).

    Uses MMS = Multi Media Messaging Service (for 3G, GPRS, 1x networks)

    Multimedia Messaging is based on the same principle as conventional SMS. SMS is restricted to 160 text characters (160 bytes). MMS can have up to 100 kilobytes (~100,000 bytes) and can have different types of data such as text, short tunes, pictures, video sequences etc.

    However in North America sender needs to be cognizant of the fact that recipient may be billed per 160 character text message so they shouldn’t go crazy on the size of the message when sending it through email. A common mistake also is whey they reply to the SMS it comes to your email you forget that they're are actually receiving it as an SMS and hit "reply with history"

    For more information on these and other relevant wireless electronics topics please visit
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    This is great!!

    Thanks for the info this is great. FREE TEXTING AWESOME. I'm on the computer all day so this works perfect for me.


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      Using email for SMS

      Originally posted by athena View Post
      Thanks for the info this is great. FREE TEXTING AWESOME. I'm on the computer all day so this works perfect for me.
      True - much better using Email than logging in to my cellular account online and using their free email feature. This is also better since the recipients reply goes to your email rather than to your phone which is what happens if you use your cellular online account SMS sending feature.