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Junxion joins forces with Sierra Wireless

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  • Junxion joins forces with Sierra Wireless

    The Junxion Box has joined the Sierra Wireless family as the most recent addition to the AirLink Mobile and M2M line of devices. The AirLink Junxion Box is an excellent complement to AirLink Raven, PinPoint and MP lines of M2M terminals and in-vehicle devices.
    The AirLink Junxion Box is a cellular router that makes it easy to install wireless WAN applications within your organization, reliably connecting to cellular networks to enable real time access to your remote data. When used with a removable cellular modem, the AirLink Junxion Box provides connectivity where wireline WAN connections are unavailable or inconvenient. The solution can also be deployed alongside wireline connectivity, using the onboard WAN Juggler™ software to manage connectivity failover for mission-critical applications.
    The AirLink Junxion Box enables applications for temporary or permanent wireless connectivity for retail locations and small offices, connectivity to remote devices (ATM machines, kiosks, digital signage), and fleet and transit vehicles (for user connectivity as well as monitoring and control of telemetry data).
    Compatible with all 3G Sierra Wireless PCMCIA AirCards and many other PC connection cards the Junxion Box provides easy connectivity to 3G cellular networks.
    Remote management provided by Field Commander™ enables customers to manage their entire fleet of Junxion Boxes, including configurations, firmware changes and alerts. Using any web browser with Internet connectivity, customers can access the hosted Field Commander solution and manage an entire AirLink Junxion Box deployment through an intuitive user interface.

    Click the links below for the product page:

    JunxionBox Ethernet & Wireless Version (JB-120G)

    JunxionBox Ethernet Version (JB-120e)
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