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cisco hwic-3g-gsm : snmp radio monitor

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  • cisco hwic-3g-gsm : snmp radio monitor

    good afternoon all

    if this is not the most appropriate place to post this, i apologise & would appreciate to be told where would be, if that's the case


    i am configuring a number of cisco 1841 routers with hwic-3g-gsm cards

    i've been asked to find out a way to get the radio signal status/levels back via snmp, after reading a document from cisco i noticed that there was mention of a future cellular mib in order to do so

    has anyone else achieved this & if so, would you care to share

    that would be much appreciated

    i know you can do local monitoring with tools from qualcomm & others, but that defeats the purpose of snmp

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    Interesting question. Not sure – we haven’t played with this. I know you can do this with “Show Cellular Radio” in IOS CLI with EXEC user privilege. You can call that with command options either to show RSSI history, per hour etc. (Cisco IOS Release 12.4(15)T). Are you saying that this is not working via SNMP because there’s no appropriate MIB?

    Yes you can use QUALCOMM Extensible Diagnostic Monitor (or CAIT for CDMA) or some other DM’s and we have done this in the past usually with local/lab monitoring (and since interface is to a PC or LAN this data would of course be also available remotely) but the problem is this usually requires 3g datacard to be in debug mode and many off-the-shelf 3G data modems are preloaded with carrier firmware to block/disable this - and true as you say since this data is available via IOS it should be transferable through the network.

    Just curious what you guys are planning to do with the RSSI info if you can comment on that – you don’t trust the DDR backup auto-failover settings?

    Sorry was not much help on this. We are not really enterprise network/IT guys but rather RF/Wireless guys. Good luck!