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DWR-922 4G LTE antenna ports connection to external antenna.

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  • DWR-922 4G LTE antenna ports connection to external antenna.

    hi iv got a DLink DWR-922 4G LTE LAN/WiFi Wireless Router and I want to connect the 2 x Antenna ports to one exterior antenna. What are my options?

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    To connect the two ports of the router to one external antenna, you may consider an external antenna with MIMO capability like this.

    For a more robust method, consider using two antennas going to each port of the router since depending on a single antenna in one direction may be a disadvantage. If the path experiences RF fades, all the data streams and signal reception will be affected.

    There are various configurations available for the DWR-922 model. These configurations include Omnidirectional antenna kit, Directional, and panel antenna kit. Signal improvement can also be done using RF bidirectional amplifier when signals are weak or the cable run required is too long from the outdoor antenna to the device (long runs lead to large signal loss).

    For more information on signal improvement, check out this page.

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