You have no need to worry we have a few basic steps that you can follow to get this to work for you. Here they are:

* If it's a brand new AT&T card you will need to make sure that you initialize the card in a laptop before you can use it all. So run the software on the laptop, once installed insert the card and it will install all the drivers needed for the card.
* Next you will need to insert the card in the router.
* Connect the CAT5 (networking cable) that came with it from the laptop to the router (there is only one port that it will fit into if you are not familiar with computers).
* Connect the power cord to the router and then to the wall.
* The router will then boot up, once it boots up open up an internet browser like Internet Explorer and type the IP address in of the router. It should be if not then check the manual that came with the router.
* Once you type that in and hit enter it will bring you to a log in screen. If it's a new router the username and password will be: UN=admin PWD= "blank" (do not type the word blank in, just leave the text area blank) If it's not new and you have changed the username and password you will have to use wht you have changed it to.

* It will bring you to the Main page. Here you will click on the button that says " Manunal Configure".
* It will bring you to "Internet Connection" page you will type the following information in:
ISP - Card: HSDPA - M1 - Vodafone GT MAX GX0201
User Name: [email protected]
Password: CINGULAR1 (In all CAPS)
Server Name: isp.cingular
Dial Number: *99***1#
APN: isp.cingular

Make sure you "SAVE SETTINGS"
These are the only fields you need to change. Leave everything else as is.