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International roaming with Sprint Data Services

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  • International roaming with Sprint Data Services

    I know this is possible but have never done it. can anyone pls shed some light on what i would need or any personal experiences with this

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    Sprint international roaming

    Sprint offers data service in many locations throughout the world. While roaming with a data roaming capable device you will have access to email, be able to browse the internet, and access company applications (datalink and other applications may not be available). Check coverage to view services available by city.
    Only select devices are capable of accessing data services while roaming. The following is a list of data roaming capable handsets:
    Sprint PCS Devices (Wireless Data Roaming accessible 1X or EVDO roaming service available)
    • Blackberry 7130e
    • Blackberry 7250
    • Blackberry 8703e
    • Blackberry 8830
    • Hitachi G100
    • Hitachi P300
    • LG LX150
    • LG LX350
    • LG LX550
    • LG FusicTM
    • Motorola C290
    • Motorola MOTOKRZR K1m
    • Motorola MOTORAZR V3m
    • Motorola MOTORAZR V3m Red
    • Motorola MOTOSLVR L7c
    • Nokia 3155i
    • Nokia 6165i
    • Nokia PM-6225
    • PalmOne Treo 700wx
    • Palm Treo 700p
    • Palm Treo 755p
    • PPC-6600/6601
    • PPC-6700
    • Samsung A580
    • Samsung A640
    • Samsung IP-830w
    • Samsung M300
    • Samsung M500
    • Samsung M510
    • Samsung M610
    • Samsung Upstage (M620)
    • Sanyo 4900
    • Sanyo 5300
    • Sanyo 6400
    • Sanyo 8100
    • Sanyo Katana SCP-6600
    • Sanyo M1
    • Sanyo MM-7500
    • Sanyo MM-9000
    • Sanyo SCP-2400
    • Sanyo SCP-3100
    • Sanyo SCP-3200
    • Sanyo SCP-7050
    • Sanyo SCP-8400
    PCS Mobile Broadband Cards (Wireless Data Roaming accessible 1X or EVDO roaming service available)
    • Novatel Merlin S620*
    • Novatel U720
    • Novatel S720
    • Pantech PX-500 S720
    • Sierra 595
    • Sierra AC-580*
    • Sierra Wireless AirCard 595U
    • Sprint PCS Connection Card PC-5740
    GSM Phones(Wireless Data Roaming accessible where GPRS/EDGE roaming service available)
    • Motorola V555
    • Motorola V3
    • Samsung ip830w
    GSM Data Cards**(Wireless Data Roaming accessible where GPRS/EDGE roaming service available)
    • Sierra Wireless 775 GPRS/EDGE Connection Card
    * Your Connection Card manager software must be updated with the latest version before traveling. To update your Connection Card manager software, simply open your Connection Card manager then click Menu, Software Updates.
    ** Software drivers for those devices which are included with the device

    Additional Notes:
    Be sure your phone has the most current PRL (Preferred Roaming List) prior to leaving the United States. Please contact customer service to request a PRL update.
    Data services are billed by the kilobyte when you travel internationally. The number of kilobytes you use will vary depending on the size of message or download. Here are some average file sizes to give you an idea what charges you might incur:
    • Text message - 3KB
    • Multimedia (image) message - 100KB
    • Web browsing - 250 to 500KB per page