I bought at WirelessThermostat & Reciever Combo (SKU 30403). It is asking for house code to program the dip switch settings. Where do i find this house code?

You set the "House Code" to whatever you want. If you have just one wireless thermostat and receiver then you don't have to change anything and can just use the default DIP settings which yields the default house code of 0. The only reason you would want to change the House code is if you have more than one combo system in use at the same location (so they don’t interfere with each other) or if you suspect that the channel you have selected i.e the house code you have selected, has RF interference.

The House Code just changes the RF channel which is why you have to match the House Code DIP setting on the receiver with the House Code you select on the thermostat.

To change the House Code all you have to do is change the DIP settings on the receiver as show on page4 of the manual here http://www.rfwel.com/kc/pdf/T1100REC...nstallRev3.pdf.

Then to change the House Code on the thermostat refer to “Advanced Setup” on page 15 of the thermostat manual here: http://www.rfwel.com/kc/pdf/P474-1100RF20OM.pdf

Again just to clarify if you have only one system and don’t suspect problems with wireless interference then you don’t need to do anything. Leave the DIP switches on the “Off” position on the receiver as they were by default and leave the House Code to 0 as it was by default on the tstat.