While WiMax was previously touted to become a vendor-neutral technology where any compliant/ certified modem would be allowed unencumbered access to a WiMax network this has sadly not been the case.

The main motivation that some of our customers have desired to use CPE's not necessarily available with Clear or any of their wholesale partners has typically been because of poor indoor coverage. An example is the Gemtek WIXS-167 which is a WiMax Outdoor CPE 2.496-2.69 GHz full 802.16e Wave-2 Compliant (note that Clear sells the WIXS-175 indoor CPE also manufactured by Gemtek).

Typically the CPE's and USB dongles that Clear sells are already pre-loaded with operator information so all they need is the MAC address to allow remote over-the-air activation. However these generic unbranded CPE's require to be loaded with operator information which we have so far been unable to obtain. This includes things lie the EAP method and files, pull server urls/ports, etc.