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Wireless Thermostat HP Setting


  • Wireless Thermostat HP Setting

    For the Wireless Thermostat, when I put all the receiver codes to zero (down position) The receiver now recognized the thermostat but a huge problem. When set for cold, the heat comes on.When everything is shut off ,removed batteries and tried again and the heat comes on. Please help the house is at 90F and heat comes on.
    You likely turned off the Heat Pump dip switch. Set the (HP) to ON.
    See page 17 (pdf page 18) of the receiver manual here:

    I got home and tried to correct the problem but now the receiver is not even showing a green power light.
    For the DIP switch settings on page 4 (pdf page 5) you should have just needed to change DIP 1 – 6 to make them 0 but 7, 8, 9 should be what it was before:

    Look also at the additional troubleshooting steps in this manual and in the thermostat manual here: (look towards the end of the manuals)
    If the power light on the receiver is not lit, can you tell me what that may be?

    Was the display on before? This could be a number of things. Is the HVAC unit powered on? If not did it trip a circuit breaker?
    If easier you can just return the DIP settings to the position they were, figure out what the house code on the receiver is and then set the thermostat house code to match as shown in the thermostat manual.

    You should have 24VAC between Red and White.
    Please check on the DIP settings on EH, HP, and O/B depending on the type of HVAC unit. The installation manual describes these pretty well.
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