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Antenna for LTE Band 7


  • Antenna for LTE Band 7

    I need an antenna for LTE Band 7 (~2600Mhz). The target is 2.0 miles away and 260ft higher than my office ground, with lots of 160ft trees in the path but no buildings at all. What antenna do you recommend? Are WiMax antennas suitable for this frequency?
    I was thinking about the 24dBi 2300MHz to 2700MHz WiFi/ WiMax Grid Antenna, that have a warning "Users must keep in mind EIRP limits when using this antenna." I have no idea what it is...

    But I will connect it to two Huaewei E3276 modems from two distinct 4G providers on the same antenna and them to a single custom-built router, which I will install close to the antenna so I can keep a short antenna cable. Does a splitter reduce the gains?

    For other frequency I use, 850Mhz, an Yagi 18dBi antenna gave me -79dBm with a low-performance 30ft long cable, and to be honest I did not like the antenna as now I can see it bent in the middle and pointing a little down (it is a huge antenna).
    Recommend the following antenna: You can get it as part of this kit: which allows you to get cable, connectors, pigtails, and lightning surge protection.

    4G WiMax in the United States was mainly at 2500-2700MHz so this is the same antenna that was used for WiMax.
    The 24dBi 2.3-2.7GHz antenna would also work although if you are not also going to use it on WiFi the 2.4GHz band may just allow for more interference.

    EIRP is the Effective Isotropic Radiated Power –this is the power of the antenna. Because this is a very powerful antenna, using it with short cable lengths could lead to radiated power outside the limits allowed for the 2.5GHz frequency band (remember that dB is a logarithmic scale so the difference between 18dBi and 24dBi is actually very large). We have found that the 18dBi panel antenna works better in most cases.

    Splitters normally reduce the gain by 3dB (which is half the power). So you should avoid them if you can. However if you have a high antenna gain like the 18dBi panel then this might not be too much of a problem.
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